Killer father gets unescorted day passes and is now assessed to minimum security prison the rest of the time

Share please let’s get the word out where this convicted child rapist murderer is frequenting and released to.

** ***BOLO Inmate released into the community every week on unescorted day passes***

And again the other day I victim impact statement stating again why he shouldn’t be granted the.unescorted day passes. He is currently allowed to.go unescorted into the community. He is a rapist and a murderer of an infant. He is serving a life sentence but going for more and more releases and eventual parole again.

I need help SHARE PLEASE! I’m sharing to get the word out and create an awareness he’s in the community of Prince Albert Sask and trying for release in Winnipeg MB in December. We need the media to get a hold of this info as well. ** Share please!

***BOLO Inmate released into the community every week on unescorted day passes*** , he’s obv.starting on trying to get full parole again.


Location , Prince Albert, SK

*****Federal parolee sentenced to life for murder and rape of 6 week old in 1985 is out on (unescorted ) day passes. He has also made application again for day parole again.*****

There is no justice for victims, 33 yrs and I still have to fight the system, it’s obvious their mandate is release and reintegration into society even if they reoffend on parole.

He is trying to get released in Winnipeg Manitoba and I have sent my victim impact statement apposing it.

The last time he was up for parole a reporter said they wanted to do a story on this, but as per usual process for the past 33 yrs nobody is saying anything about his release in the media. They protect the inmate and are not doing any justice for the victims and their families. The community where he is to be released needs to be made aware.

Hence why I started this post.

If you have any concerns about community safety regarding his potential release please notify Prince Albert Sask police as well as Winnipeg MB police.